Rainbow long sleeve bra

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Shine bright! Don’t let cold weather stop you from getting active and showing your true colors. Rainbow is our thickest set that lets you move through the colder months with grace. 
It comes in 5 unique pastel colors, so mix and match and make your own shades of expression 


Product information

Long sleeves
Keep on moving, in spite of the cold.

Square neckline
Never tried it before? It’s a super flattering shape, trust us. 

For both function and fashion  

Wide strap flatters the low ribs
The support you need to move through your day  

Because you deserve only softness around your breasts

Thick, warm and still lightweight? Yep. Right here.
Don’t worry about canceling your plans because you don't have the right thing to wear. We got you. 

Contour & sculpts you perfectly
The ultimate confidence booster.

Sweat proof: airy and dries quickly
Work up a sweat inside without fearing the cold outside. The quick dry material will have you street ready in no time.  

Soft, luxury feel
You’ll fantasize about them when you’re wearing other pants. For real. This fabric is beyond! 

100% opacity
Bend, squat, stretch…what you wear under your JUV leggings is for your eyes only 

13% Nylon, 87% Spandex

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